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Meet Scarlett Chen, Marina Madden and the rest of Team J.C.!

The J.C. in Team J.C. stands for Jeremy Chen, the inspiration behind the team. Comprised of his wife, Scarlett, close friends, colleagues and family, the team is back to climb in Jeremy’s name — and to help make a difference in the lives of others affected by life-threatening and life-altering lung disease.

Jeremy had lung cancer. He was diagnosed in late 2010 and passed away not long after our Stairclimb event in February 2011. He never smoked a day in his life – nor did any of his family or close friends. Jeremy is one of the 10-15 percent of lung cancer patients for whom the cause is a mystery.

This year Team J.C. is even bigger as more of his family and friends are taking part in his memory. Last year they were our top fundraising team — and it’s looking like they’ll be holding onto the title in 2012.

See Jeremy near the centre of the above Stairclimb 2011 photo wearing black. He is missed.


I’m Climbing for John

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Climber Profile

Meet David Harrison (right, with Grouse Snowshoe Grind summit ski patrol), who is making the climb for his best friend, John Yu.

What motivated you to make the climb?

The sporting challenge appeals to me, but I’m also participating because my best friend, John Yu, is a lung cancer survivor. He’s sponsoring me this year – $1 for each year of my age (77).

You said you enjoy the physical challenge, do you have a background with athletics?

Yes, I was a Masters Triathlete amateur, and I completed 94 or 95 Olympic distance Triathlons over a 20 year period after my 50th birthday, including 6 on national Canadian teams.  Lung health is such an important factor in physical activity and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy these activities.

Due to osteoporosis I am no longer able to run and bike, but there are plenty of other activities I do now instead, including swimming and dragon boating.

What are you doing in preparation for the climb?

I’m very active – I just got home from snow shoeing! I want to make sure I can make it to the top as fast as possible – maybe even beat some of the others in my age group! I’m also hoping to raise $400, of which I already have nearly $300.

What do you hope to achieve with your climb?

I want to be a positive example for young people. I want them to see me climbing and be inspired to join me. It wouldn’t hurt if I managed to keep up with some of them, too!

I’m Climbing for Mom

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Climber Profile

Meet Crystal Nagy (right), who is climbing in honour of her mother, Mary Nagy (left)

What inspired you to participate in Stairclimb?

My mom, Mary Nagy, who had been a heavy smoker for 35 years, was first diagnosed with COPD (a lung disease including chronic bronchitis and emphysema) in December 2002 after being hospitalized for severe lung failure at the age of 52.  She quit smoking the moment she was diagnosed, but the damage to her lungs was irreversible and forced her to depend on oxygen 24/7.

In December 2004, mom was hospitalized again. This time it took her longer to recover.  And by January 2007, we knew a lung transplant was her best option.  A loving wife, mother of five, and grandmother, mom had lots of support from both family and friends.  Sadly,  on March 10, 2007, while waiting for news of a possible lung transplant, mom passed away.

What’s your fundraising goal?

Last March I organized a fundraising event  in Quesnel, and thanks to the generosity of our dear friends and family, we raised over $1,200 for the BC Lung Association in Memory of my Mom.  This year I decided to take part in the Stairclimb for Clean Air and set my goal at $739 – $1 per step.  I’m already  close to reaching my goal,  so at this point I’m hoping I’ll raise even more and beat the $1,200 total I raised  last year!

How are you planning to meet (or beat) your goal?

My brother and sister-in-law own Miksa Restaurant on Bowen Island. Since my mom taught Mike how to make delicious home-cooked Chinese food,  they are taking donations for 3 days during their Chinese New Year Festivities.

How are you training?

As the day gets closer, I am starting to train for the event by snowshoeing, walking, and of course… stairclimbing! I started to worry about what I had got myself into with 739 stairs to climb, but after realizing that the Eiffel Tower (which I have climbed in the past) has 1652 stairs, I know I can do it!

What are you looking forward to most about the event itself?

I’m looking forward to the energy and excitement.  It will be nice to meet others who have gone through or know someone who has gone through a similar experience.  It will be a memorable day and something I can look back on and be proud of.  As I am climbing those stairs, I will keep my spirits and energy up by imagining my mom at the top, waiting for me with that wonderful smile of hers.

I love you Mom… Crystal.

Susie Burbidge likes to workout – a lot – and does so despite having suffered from asthma for the past 10 years. In fact, she’s been working with a trainer at the South Arm Community Centre for some time. When she heard about the BC Lung Association Stairclimb event she thought it sounded like a great new way to challenge herself.  Since signing up she’s integrated stair climbing into her regular workouts and even ran the fire escape of her hotel during a recent visit to Whistler!

To support Susie’s climb, click here.

As a healthcare worker, Tania Lesurf has seen first-hand the effects of lung disease. Her experiences working with lung patients in an acute medical ward inspired her first Stairclimb three years ago. This year Tania’s trying to recruit her (Abbotsford/Mission Home Support Services) coworkers as well as any other local healthcare workers she can convince to get up super early on a Sunday morning!

To support Tania’s climb, click here.

Cyndi Reed, a Stairclimb veteran from Maple Ridge, will return again this year, but this time she’s recruited Aunt Jessie (right). Cyndi first climbed in tribute to her husband and son, who both suffer from asthma. This year she and Jessie are getting serious about bettering Cyndi’s best climb time – 17 minutes! Go girl power! (I wonder who’ll win?)

To donate to Cyndi click here and contribute to Jessie’s fundraising here.

Pals Elizabeth Kool Tammy Dean are hard at work training for the upcoming Stairclimb. Despite suffering from asthma, a condition that’s particularly bad at this time of year, Elizabeth joins her friend Tammy for regular high elevation hikes – that are 9 kilometres long!

And that’s not all they do – Tammy is a runner who is planning to take the stairs two at a time at the event, while Kool has started training using the stairmaster at the gym and running reps up and down her 10-step flight of stairs at home. Last time we talked to her she was up to 200 steps and aiming for 1,000 before event day!

Does this put your workout to shame?

Would you like to support Elizabeth and Tammy? If so, just click on their names to be redirected to their fundraising pages!