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Team Impact Award

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Impact Award, Prizes, Stairclimb, Teams

If you and your team are using Stairclimb as a way to flaunt your physical fitness, we want you to sign up to compete for this year’s Impact Award!

The Impact Award is awarded to the team of 4 (no more, no less – but don’t worry, if you’re part of a larger team but still want to compete, you can simply select 4 team members to participate) whose average climb time is the fastest. The winning team will walk away with a prize package from Impact Magazine for each team member, including a dry fit Impact Magazine t-shirt and a runcuf to keep your valuables safe while you’re working up a sweat!

The fine print:

  • Teams must have exactly 4 people (if you are part of a larger team, select and submit the names of the 4 participating team members before the registration deadline)
  • All members must be registered by the online registration deadline (Friday, February 24, 2012 at 11:59 PM)
  • Winning time is determined by averaging the times of your four participating team members

If you think your team has what it takes, contact Sophie ( before 11:59 PM on Friday, February 24 to register your 4 team members!


This year we introduced an award, with prizes donated by IMPACT Magazine, for the fastest participating competitive team. Each participating team identified four members whose times were then added together. The team with the fastest combined time for their selected climbers won the award. So, without further ado, our very first competitive winning team is….drumroll…. Innovative Fitness!

Here are the final times for all the participating teams:


Craig Baber – 6 min 02 sec

Scot Gibson – 8 min 49 sec

Kristin Jenner – 9 min 20 sec

Michael Parker – 6 min 16 sec

Kalev Fitness Solution 

Virgil Isaacs – N/A

Kalev Jaaguste – N/A

Erin Kille – 6 min 41 sec

Donovanpee Mahoney – 7 min 50 sec

South Arm Bootcampers 

Rudy Chin – 6 min 04 sec

Don MacKinnon – 7 min 28 sec

Soyba Shakouri – 7 min 35 sec

Hradesh Sharma – 7 min 37 sec

Innovative Fitness 

Yoshia Burton – 7 min 12 sec

David Carter – 5 min 32 sec

Todd Perrett – 6 min 01 sec

Rebecca Warren – 6 min 47 sec

Salmon Steppers 

Sandie Gibson – 8 min 43 sec

Steve Latham – 6 min 23 sec

Fiona Martens – 6 min 53 sec

Zac Semeniuk – 6 min 24 sec

VBCE Climbing for Gold 

Arnielle Boado – 8 min 30 sec

Steve Brown – 8 min 35 sec

Ruby Mah – 9 min 01 sec

Katrina Malysh – 8 min 27 sec

Overall times:

Babe-stead – 30 min 27 sec

Innovative Fitness – 25 min 32 sec

Kalev Fitness Solution – N/A

Salmon Steppers – 28 min 23 sec

South Arm Bootcampers – 28 min 44 sec

VBCE Climbing for Gold – 34 min 33 sec

Congratulations to our first ever winning competitive team, Innovative Fitness! A big thank you to all teams who signed up and to IMPACT Magazine for their generous prize donation!

Each year we have a contingent of Stairclimb participants who use the event  to challenge their athletic abilities  by trying to beat their own climb time or by competing light-heartedly with other climbers.

This year, as part of a group challenge pilot, we’ve recruited a number of  competitive Stairclimb teams willing to battle it out to achieve the fastest climb time — and walk away with some prizes courtesy of  Stairclimb sponsor Impact Magazine! Participating teams include:

  • Babe-Stead
  • Innovative Fitness
  • Kalev Fitness Solution
  • Salmon Steppers
  • South Arm Bootcampers
  • VBCE Climbing for Gold

Thanks to Impact Magazine for their support and generous prize donation!