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It’s Not Over Yet…

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Fundraising, Tips

By Sophie Collins, our awesome Special Events Assistant

Stairclimb might be done, but you still have 18 days to fundraise!! The fundraising deadline closes on March 23rd and there are plenty of amazing incentive prizes to be had:

  • If you raise $250, you can choose between a $25 gift card from Sport Chek or Best Buy and you also get entered into a trip for two to Paris to climb the Eiffel Tower! (For every $100 you raise over $250, your name gets entered again!)
  • If you raise $500, you can choose between a $50 gift card from Sport Chek or Best Buy
  • If you raise $750, you can choose between a $75 gift card from Sport Chek or Best Buy
  • If you raise over $1000, you get a pair of Adidas running shoes of your choice from Rackets and Runners

Here are a few more ideas to help bump up your fundraising totals!!

  • Host a garage sale and add all the proceeds to your fundraising efforts!
  • Hold a bake sale at work – you’ll raise money AND your co-workers’ spirits! (Who doesn’t love cupcakes??)
  • Host a car wash with your kids on the weekend. Not only are you raising money, you are teaching your children the value of fundraising for a good cause! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!
  • Throw a party! You throw them anyway – why not use them as an opportunity to fundraise? Instead of a hostess gift, ask for small donations towards your goal for the climb. Here are some party ideas for you: wine tasting, cocktail party, clothing swap and cheese tasting.

Good luck with your fundraising. If you get stuck, feel free to get in touch with me at or 6047315864 – I’m here to help!

Help us reach our goal of $250,000!


When it comes to exercise, variety is very important. It forces your body to adapt to different types of stimulus, thus preparing you for more types of activity! Don’t just walk on the treadmill; increase the incline. Don’t just go for a run outside; challenge yourself on a hill, or climb the steps in your apartment.

If you regularly lift weights, go see a trainer for a few sessions to get a fresh look at your program. Do you always run outside? Try taking a small group session at your local gym, a boxing class or a spin class. Whatever it is that you do for exercise, each day try to modify it just a little bit to make sure you are constantly adapting and improving.

For more information our 3D approach at Kalev Fitness Solutions, click here.

Visit Kalev Fitness Solution to learn more about Kalev, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter (@kalevfitness) for a daily dose of fun fitness updates and inspiration!

This week’s tip is all about stretching. Stretching and flexibility are crucial parts of your fitness and preparation for exercise. Good flexibility can help prevent injury, and allow proper balance between muscle groups as you strengthen!

  • Do lots of stretching of the quads and hamstrings. This will help keep you flexible and prevent injuries.
  • It’s important to warm up your body before stretching so your muscles become more pliable.
  • After warm-up but before your exercise session, use dynamic stretching (stretching that involves movement).
  • After exercise try static stretching (traditional stretching).
  • Hold stretches for 30 seconds or longer to achieve optimal benefit.

Here are some suggested stretches:

Standing Quad Stretch






Laying Down Hamstring Stretch (with a Rope or Towel)





For more information on stretching, try taking a core and mobility small group training session at Kalev Fitness Solutions to help with your flexibility!

Visit Kalev Fitness Solution to learn more about Kalev, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter (@kalevfitness) for a daily dose of fun fitness updates and inspiration!

We’re just going to jump right in with Kalev’s fitness tip from this week’s Climb Times newsletter. If you’d like to read his first and second tips, just click on the links to be taken to his website!

Fitness Tip #3:

Incorporate squats and single leg step-ups on a bench or stairs. This will help strengthen your legs, increase your endurance and get your heart rate up as well. Go for high reps on this one so you can really feel the burn!

You can do this in the gym or on your own. For example, make use of a park bench or an indoor or outdoor staircase. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can increase intensity by adding weights, like dumbbells or a medicine ball.

Visit Kalev Fitness Solution to learn more about Kalev, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter (@kalevfitness) for a daily dose of fun fitness updates and inspiration!

If you’ve been reading your Climb Times, you will already know that this year we’ve got some extra help for you in the form of a professional fitness expert! Kalev, of Kalev Fitness Solution will be providing you with a series of fitness tips designed specifically with the upcoming Stairclimb for Clean Air in mind.

With over nine years of experience as a personal trainer, and plenty of personal experience with rehabilitation and overcoming physical setbacks, Kalev will help you plan ahead, decide on a fitness plan, and even give you some insider tips!

Make sure to check your inbox every two weeks for our Climb Times news letter – which contains not only important updates and fundraising tips, but will also have a brand new pro tip from Kalev, especially for you! (We’ll also be posting tips here, so make sure to keep an eye on 739 Steps!)

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By guest blogger Cecilia Huang

Here it is! The grand finale of your Fundraising ABCs:

L Lunch buffet
M Movie night
N Needles night – get a few friends together to sew some goodies to auction off
O Oscar Pool – make predictions on Oscar results. Charge a fee for entering the pool.  Half of the pool goes to the winner and the other half gets donated.
P Pub night – lots of local pubs are supportive of these fundraisers. Poker fundraisers; Pizza party (P is an awesome leter!)
Q Quiz Showdown
R Raffle draw
S Scavenger hunts
T Take the Stairs Day – find out more at
U U can make a donation yourself!
V Vacation Day – reward the co-worker who raised the most with a vacation day!
W Wii tournament!; Who’s that baby?! (everyone brings a baby photo and you charge people for chances to guess who is who – for a small prize)
X Ex-gift sale (kinda like re-gifting – but for donations!)
Y Yogathon; Afternoon yoga retreat
Z Zoolander-themed party

Hopefully you’re now inspired to go out and try some of these – as well as getting creative with your own ideas! And don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below….

By guest blogger Cecilia Huang

Over the weekend a good friend of mine challenged me to brainstorm at least one fundraising idea for every letter of the alphabet.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m always up for a challenge, so I accepted immediately! In the hopes that my results might inspire some of you, I decided to share them.

A Auction! Auction off your (or your friend’s) services and sponsored prizing
B Bowling tournament; Bake Sale
C Cake Walk; Canucks tickets for auctioning!!!!!!!!
D Disco Dance Party; DYI craft sale
E Employers match donation; Egg-your-coworker (maybe your very cool boss!) by donation
F Fairs for kids
G Garage Sale
H Hairstyling & haircuts; Hugs for donations
I International potluck day
J Jazz Coffee Night
K Karaoke Contest
L … You didn’t expect me to give them ALL up that easily, did you??

Now it’s your turn – consider yourself challenged! Share the ideas you came up with for one or two (or all!) of the letters in the comments section below, and stay tuned – my next post will reveal letters L through Z!