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By guest blogger Cecilia Huang

Over the weekend a good friend of mine challenged me to brainstorm at least one fundraising idea for every letter of the alphabet.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m always up for a challenge, so I accepted immediately! In the hopes that my results might inspire some of you, I decided to share them.

A Auction! Auction off your (or your friend’s) services and sponsored prizing
B Bowling tournament; Bake Sale
C Cake Walk; Canucks tickets for auctioning!!!!!!!!
D Disco Dance Party; DYI craft sale
E Employers match donation; Egg-your-coworker (maybe your very cool boss!) by donation
F Fairs for kids
G Garage Sale
H Hairstyling & haircuts; Hugs for donations
I International potluck day
J Jazz Coffee Night
K Karaoke Contest
L … You didn’t expect me to give them ALL up that easily, did you??

Now it’s your turn – consider yourself challenged! Share the ideas you came up with for one or two (or all!) of the letters in the comments section below, and stay tuned – my next post will reveal letters L through Z!