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By guest blogger Cecilia Huang

A few years ago, I took part in a meeting about fundraising tactics. At the meeting were three girls who couldn’t have been more than 11 o r 12 years old.  I assumed they had come with their parents. Little did I know, they were already fundraising experts themselves!

You can imagine my surprise when they walked to the front of the room and held out their wrists. On them were the most exquisite friendship bracelets I have ever seen.  One of their mothers explained the girls made these bracelets to sell at school and had already collected a few hundred dollars in donations!  Better yet, they had done it all by themselves!

The girls weren’t thinking about how much money they would make; they simply wanted to share something they loved with the rest of the world. I too was obsessed with friendship bracelets when I was young. I can remember trading them with my best friends and refusing to take them off even when they got threadbare and faded.

This is what fundraising should be about – sharing your passion with the people around you and enjoying yourself along the way!