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By guest blogger Cecilia Huang

Here it is! The grand finale of your Fundraising ABCs:

L Lunch buffet
M Movie night
N Needles night – get a few friends together to sew some goodies to auction off
O Oscar Pool – make predictions on Oscar results. Charge a fee for entering the pool.  Half of the pool goes to the winner and the other half gets donated.
P Pub night – lots of local pubs are supportive of these fundraisers. Poker fundraisers; Pizza party (P is an awesome leter!)
Q Quiz Showdown
R Raffle draw
S Scavenger hunts
T Take the Stairs Day – find out more at
U U can make a donation yourself!
V Vacation Day – reward the co-worker who raised the most with a vacation day!
W Wii tournament!; Who’s that baby?! (everyone brings a baby photo and you charge people for chances to guess who is who – for a small prize)
X Ex-gift sale (kinda like re-gifting – but for donations!)
Y Yogathon; Afternoon yoga retreat
Z Zoolander-themed party

Hopefully you’re now inspired to go out and try some of these – as well as getting creative with your own ideas! And don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below….