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Tulip Staircase at the Queen’s House – Greenwich

The Queen’s House at the Palace of Greenwich was commissioned as an addition in 1616 by King James I as a gift to his wife, Anne of Denmark. Construction was abandoned for several years after her death in 1619, but it was finally completed in 1635.

The Tulip Staircase itself is arguably best known as being the site of an infamous ghost photograph taken by Rev. R. W. Hardy and his wife (who were actually from British Columbia!). When the couple were visiting the Palace in 1966, they spent an afternoon taking photographs of the Queen’s House, including the staircase. Upon developing the film, they discovered that one of the pictures of the staircase contained an image of a hooded figure, though the couple had been standing side-by-side alone in the stairway when the picture was taken.

When the film was examined by Kodak experts, no evidence of tampering could be found. This was not the first strange occurrence at Queen’s house – many staff and visitors had reported sighting ghostly figures and hearing unexplained footsteps over the years.